Our Core Values drive our mission:

  • Build Relationships
  • Respect Cultures
  • Reconcile Conflict
  • Emphasize Truth
  • Expect Excellence
  • Energize Resources

Our Mission  is to go to regions challenged by conflict, looking beyond charity to find real solutions where peace and security are in jeopardy.  This mission is driven by an end vision of reconciliation.  Relationships, respect and reconciliation are the common threads that empower our cause.

Our Objectives enable us to realize our vision:

  1. Mobilize and facilitate genuine humanitarian relief and international development through the utilization of professionals and organizations with mutual goals.
  2. Work towards lasting solutions to complex emergency situations, resulting in sustainable development.
  3. Develop global relationships with leaders and organizations at various levels of society.
  4. Develop opportunities related to education, business, economics, agriculture, medicine, and international relations.
  5. Discover and provide global opportunities for professionals.
  6. Consult and liaise for agencies developing international ventures.
  7. Coordinate relational networks for institutions, organizations, and agencies.
  8. Utilize the knowledge, network, and personnel resources of educational institutions.
  9. Assemble a multi-national staff trained to be effective diplomatic ambassadors committed to language and cultural competence.