Global Resource Services (GRS) was developed as a response to humanitarian needs in Asia and significant emerging opportunities. Asia is a key region for security, peace, and economic growth, not only for the Eastern Hemisphere, but also for the entire world. In order for organizations to compete in the world market, this region cannot be ignored. A major portion of world leadership and power is emerging from Asia. An institution or company striving to participate in the global market needs to come to grips with the reality of solid relationships in Asia.

GRS was initially developed as a response to the complex natural disasters in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK). It began as a way to advance the efforts of various private sector humanitarian organizations in an effort to facilitate a unified approach. In January of 1998, while facilitating a relief shipment, DPRK officials asked GRS to establish a "direct channel" whereby they could relate, request humanitarian aid, and, more importantly , work on development issues. Working in cooperation with Mars Hill College, we initially established the non-profit corporation and headquarters of GRS in North Carolina. This valuable relationship provided a mutually beneficial partnership, lending GRS support from an institution with credibility and history. In addition, Mars Hill also assisted with educational and developmental expertise.

In 1998, an invitation was extended for GRS to submit candidates to work with the United Nations World Food Program through the United States contingency as cultural experts and negotiators. From this opportunity GRS was requested to assist in hosting a DPRK delegation in Washington, DC and Atlanta, Georgia. During these significant meetings, the DPRK officials expressed a genuine desire to work with an organization such as GRS to not only help with the famine relief but to serve as a resource for future development in the fields of agriculture, education, medical/health, business, and economic growth.

From this context, GRS continued to develop and respond to the historical opportunities in Asia. Since 1997 GRS has consulted, mediated, represented, and facilitated the efforts of literally hundreds of government, education, research, business, and humanitarian organizations' projects in Asia and has managed humanitarian projects in January 2002 valued at well over $20,000,000. As GRS continued to expand its efforts and to build new partnerships, we established the new headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Our original incorporation in North Carolina and the relationships we value continue to provide the cornerstone from which we plan to build. While GRS still puts priority on our partnership with the DPRK, we have had the opportunity to branch out and establish relationships with other countries. Our first overseas office was established in Beijing, People's Republic of China in 1998. This office has developed as our primary base of operations in Asia. In 1999, we established a collaborative office in Singapore through our subsidiary, Sports Partners Singapore. In 2002, GRS registered a representative office in Manila, Philippines and we are currently exploring opportunities in Nepal.