CEO Reflections on the 2009 Spring Arts Festival in North Korea

The support and sacrifice of our underwriters, sponsors, staff, partners,áBoard
Members, Advisory Council, including Casting Crowns, The Annie Moses Band, KAPES, The Arts Festival Organizing Committee made this event a success and helped us to exceed our goals. If we know anything from history, it is this: music can inspire thoughts and open minds far beyond the constricted political boundaries that citizens in many countries must face. People to people exchanges and working together to find real solutions are the keys to normalized relations. Any other motive only inhibits the advancement of increased openness. This GRS delegation was very successful and a part of our on-going programs in the spirit of goodwill and cultural exchange.


The Korea America Private Exchange Society (KAPES) is the agency within the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) or North Korea, that works together with US non-government organizations (NGOs).á KAPES was formed in 2006 as the agency which handles communications, preparations, follow-up, translation, liason, negotiations, and hospitality for Americans.á KAPES is an important part of the success for development projects within the DPRK. The vision of KAPES is to be the first NGO for the DPRK and encourage more private exchange between US and Korean professionals and citizens for the purpose of working toward normal relations between our two countries.á KAPES and GRS have developed a strategic partnership with common goals.

GRS completes USAID Hospital Generator Installations

GRS completes USAID Hospital Generator Installations

The governments of the USA and DPRK have agreed to install generator systems in hospitals within the DPRK to enhance the medical care by improving the electrical power to critical areas of local hospitals. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA) are working together with four NGOs to complete the projects--GRS, Mercy Corp, Samaritan's Purse, and the Eugene Bell Foundation.

GRS shipped generator systems and installation material to three hospitals within the DPRK in June 2008.á Installation was completed and tested by GRS staff in July, 2008.á DPRK workers and engineers renovated existing buildings to house the systems, and worked together with GRS engineers to complete the installation.

Wonsan Provincial Hospital:

Located in the heart of the city, this hospital serves the medical needs for the adults in the Kangwon Province.á

Wonsan Pediatric Hospital:

The dedicated staff of this hospital work diligently to provide the best possible care for the infants, children and youth of Kangwon Province.

GRS partners with the Ministry of Public Health

The Korea America Private Exchange Society (KAPES) made arrangements for GRS staff to work directly with the Ministry of Public Health to install the generator systems.á The Ministry of Public Health provided excellent help that was essential to the success of the project.

Nyongbyun District Hospital

The only hospital in aná exclusive district serving patients of all ages.

GRS goes "Beyond Charity" with USAID support

The Hospital Generator Project is a perfect match for GRS desire to go "Beyond Charity" in humanitarian efforts. At each step in the project, GRS team members consult with National and Local leaders to assess the situation and to develop a cooperative approach to issues facing the community.á The installation of generator systems sponsored by USAID/OFDA in hospitals within the DPRK is part of the long term solution to enhance medical care and security within the DPRK.

Planning, Delivery, and Installation

GeneratorGenerator Starts


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Installation Visit

Generators, circuit breaker boxes, lots of various sizes of wire, voltage regulators, conduit, tools and all the hardware needed for the installationá were shipped to DPRK for the summer installation.

Future Plans:

GRS is planning a long term relationship with the three hospitals receiving the generator systems.á The generator project sponsored by USAID/OFDA is a good fit with ongoing GRS and DPRK medical programs involving educational transfers, conferences, training, equipment installations, material donations and other types of support. This long term relationship is important to the local officials and doctors in the DPRK.

DPRK Provincial Leadership Supports Generator Installation

The Kangwon Province leadership was closely involved in the generator installations within Wonsan city.á The Executive Director and Assistant Director of the Province provided support, guidance, and enthusiasm throughout the installation.á GRS staff is grateful for their support and hospitality.