The 2009 Arts Festival in DPRK

LEFT: Festival Participants Meet one another RIGHT: East Pyongyang Grand Theater

The Art Festival in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea ("DPRK") is an international fine arts event that promotes independence, peace, and friendship through cultural and artistic exchange.  650 performers from 24 countries participated in the week long event of music and dance.  Global Resource Services Inc. ("GRS"), a U.S. non-profit organization coordinated the 32 member U.S. delegation, the second largest U.S. music delegation to visit North Korea after the New York Philharmonic.  In the 27 year history of this April Spring Arts Festival,  only 6 U.S. delegations have participated. GRS has successfully coordinated 3 of the 6 groups and has been the primary U.S. coordinator for the last two festivals.

U.S. Bands Record Songs in DPRK

LEFT: Megan Garret and Mark Hall in DPRK Recording Studio  RIGHT: Members of the Annie Moses Band Rehearsing

In addition to participation in the festival activities, both bands were selected to record their songs "White Dove" and "Forever In My Heart" at the Central Broadcasting System, the "Chosun Sori" (Voice of Korea).  The recording studio director plans to play these two songs on the North Korean radio.   The U.S. Delegation visited the National Children's Center for the Arts and played their instruments with the children. They also visited the Pyongyang Music College where two Annie Moses Band members and a Korean Senior Cello student performed a moving version of "Forever In My Heart" together.

2011 DPRK April Spring Art Festival & Cultural Exchange Sponsorship Opportunities

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