Seminar Instructors

The success of our GRS Professional Development Workshops is due in large part to the quality of our Seminar Instructors. They come from a variety of institutions and careers depending upon the needs of the participants and the focus of the workshop. Previous instructors include professional educators, lawyers, and successful businessmen.

PUFS Delegation

In the spring of 2001, a PUFS (Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies) Delegation visits Educational Sites in USA. Participants gain exposure to different educational methodologies and practices. Professional exchanges of this nature are integral to the work of GRS by building Relationships, promoting multi-cultural Respect and opening avenues for Reconciliation.

GRS Education Program

Professional Development Workshops

Professional Development Workshops are the foundational projects of the GRS Education Program. These workshops promote training, offer lecture series, discuss international business trends, teach communication science, and develop cultural exchanges with professional educators. The workshops focus on gaining mutual understanding concerning the needs of students to equip them for engaging the global market.

GRS Education Program Overview

GRS began its education program in China through recruiting ESL teachers for universities and conducting English Business Language seminars for international companies.  Serving as educational consultants for institutions and companies, we have improved our program participants' ability to provide their constituency quality training and education in their fields of interest and specialties We also work as mediators to bring together educators and students from various cultures with the goal of producing not only educational results but also sustainable development in various educational disciplines.

Volunteer Needs

The GRS Education Program has various projects where you can get involved to promote excellence and encourage learning. Contact GRS if you are interested in volunteering.

Galileo Says

"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to discover it for himself."

Education Program Opportunities

  • Educational Project Sponsorship is a new area our staff and members believe will aid educators to continue to gain expertise in their field of education. Donations enable selected nominees to attend workshops and interact with other international educators. Due to a lack of funding, these nominees would otherwise miss these unique professional development opportunities.
  • Teaching Materials Sponsorship helps provide needed educational materials for institutions, teachers, professors, and students.  These materials will enhance their abilities to compete within the global market. Examples of teaching materials purchased include: textbooks, teacher resource books, and paper for printing textbooks, teaching visual and audio resources, professional books and other reference material.

Cultural Exchanges

Workshop participants gain cultural understanding and develop mutual respect through a variety of activities – some outside the classroom.


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Education Program Needs:

  • Teaching Materials Sponsorship
  • Professional Development Workshop Sponsors

Education Highlights

2000 – Education Seminar in Beijing

2001 – GRS visits PUFS Campus and PUFS Delegation visits USA Educational sites

2002-2007  - Annual GRS shipment of paper to PUFS for textbooks

2002, 2004, 2006, and 2007 – GRS holds Professional Development Workshops for PUFS personnel

Vision Statement

The GRS Education Program Vision still continues after 10 years of working together with national educational entities and their partners. The Vision: to facilitate educators, trainers, and students growth toward professional development through student focused curriculum in English, International Business, and Communication Sciences.