Grammy Award-winning band Casting Crowns participated in North Korea’s 25th Annual April Spring Art Festival, sharing a message of friendship and cooperation. The group was the only native U.S. band to perform at the event, which emphasizes artistic exchange and promotes peace and good will. Global Resource Services (GRS) has worked in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for the past ten years and joined with the organizing committee of the Friendship Art Festival to facilitate the band’s participation. A delegation from GRS traveled with Casting Crowns to Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital city, and the location of the week-long festival. [April 2007]

Families in North Korea Suffer Worst Flooding in Decades - Reuters Video

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Severe flooding in 2007 has greatly effected the agricultural ouputs, infrastructure, water, and food supplies for 2008.GRS is working on a series of shipments in 2008 to provide medical, agricultural, and construction supplies worth over $2,000,000 to assist our friends in the DPRK respond to the resulting health needs.We are also ramping up our existing food security programs to assist with the food shortages and developing a new water project.

North Korea Wins Gold

Hong Un Jong wins the first women's gymnastics medal for North Korea by taking Gold in the vault.  Hong made two solid vaults with clean landings and scored 15.650 to win the title. Hong was not the only North Korean athlete to win a Gold medal. DPRK weightlifter Pak Hyon Suk also won a gold medal during the 29th Olympic Games by lifting 241kg total with 106kg in the snatch and 135kg in the clean and jerk. In addition to the two Gold medals, North Korea also took home silver and bronze medals in judo and weightlifting.