GRS began its educational program first in China through recruiting ESL teachers for universities and conducting English Business Language seminars for international companies. Our role is as development consultants for institutions and companies so that they can provide their constituency with quality training and education in the fields of their interest or specialty. We also work as mediators to bring together educators and students from various cultures with the goal of producing not only educational results but also sustainable development.

GRS's vision is to assist national educational entities and their partners to facilitate teachers and trainers for skill centers where selected students can benefit from training in English, Business, and Communication Sciences. GRS coordinates interested educators from American schools and consults with educational specialists in developing core curriculum and locating material resources needed for development of the proposed skill centers.

GRS is continually developing and implementing related projects. Below is a growing list of successful projects, partnerships, and possibilities:

  • GRS Beijing Professional Training Seminars
  • Pyongyang University of Foreign Studies
  • Educational Integration Program

If you would like more information go to the contact us page and communicate to us your interest. If you would like to make a donation to support these type of projects go to the donate section.