Relationships, Respect, & Reconciliation are the common threads that empower our cause. This calls us to action as advocates for cultures who have much to offer the international community, and yet are suffering from natural disasters, injustice, or crisis.

Finding solutions to complex global challenges involves advocating changes in public policy at various levels of cultures. Our advocacy programs work towards practical solutions on behalf of cultures. We strive to cut through political and historical stalemates to bring about reconciliation. Our primary objectives through these programs are to contribute to peace and security where there is conflict and danger.

GRS is committed to working with partners and policy leaders in national and international arenas to build bridges for understanding. One way we do this is through International Cultural Exchanges. Some of these exchanges are solely for building good will and improving relations through the arts, sports, and international forums. Others serve as an additional venue for developing projects of various program sectors.

Below is a growing list of successful projects and possibilities:

  • International Spring Arts Festivals
  • Friendship Basketball Exchange
  • Educational Initiative Forum
  • Agricultural Research Exchange
  • Medical Partnership Exchange
GRS is continually developing and implementing related projects. If you would like more information go to the contact us page and communicate to us your interest. If you would like to make a donation to support these type of projects go to the donate section.