Global Matrix Institute

The Global Matrix Institute (GMI) is the primary training entity of Global Resource Services and serves the international development and humanitarian aid communities by assisting in the recruitment, preparation, and equipping of their workers.  Since 1998 GMI has provided a creative and unique environment for international workers to sharpen their skills and clarify their strategies. 

GMI began as a training and orientation medium for GRS staff and volunteers.  This developing institute is a response to the demand and interest from various professionals, partners and cultural leaders in the objectives and training programs of GMI.  Our programs are for those seeking to work more effectively and have a significant impact in the field of international development. 

GMI offers unique training experiences in historical sduthwest, Arizona.  The training programs are interactive, designed to involve the participants in practical learning experiences. Equine Assisted Learning utilizes horses as active participants which provides hands-on understanding and practice of the knowledge and skills instructed at GMI.  


The mission of GMI is to serve as a learning matrix where strategic focus is developed and global perspectives are transformed.  Shifting focus and transforming perspectives is the mandate of GMI.

Some of our programs are by invitation only; strictly for those we believe will commit to our guidelines and who are sensitive to the context of our work.  

For registration information, including programs, costs, and schedules, go the Global Matrix Institute website.