For the ultimate international adventure for the extraordinary individual who wants more than just a job, this is a unique opportunity � a way of life that will challenge the deepest resources of your intelligence, self-reliance and responsibility. It demands an adventurous spirit, a forceful personality, superior intellectual ability, toughness of mind, and a high degree of personal integrity, courage, and faith. You will need to deal with fast-moving, ambiguous, and unstructured situations that will test your resourcefulness to the utmost.

We are the cutting edge of humanitarian and development mobilization, an elite team providing the vital services needed by our constituency to address global peace and security. We face new challenges every day, in a world filled with increasingly complex issues. Ours is a mission like no other.

To see a sample of our currently available positions and training opportunities, use the navigation on the left. If you are ready to apply your experience to a position that will have a global impact and to use your skills to find real solutions to complex global challenges, please follow the instructions once you have selected a position.

Please remember that you will need to submit a separate cover letter with a resume for each position for which you apply. In addition, you must indicate the Position Number, surname, and first name at the top of the cover letter and resume.