GRS internships provide students and professionals with a substantive and challenging work experience, and an opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of international development.

GRS may offer US-based and internationally based internships. Student Internships may range from six weeks to nine months. Professional Internships are usually for two to three years. Internationally based internships are full-time. US based internships may be full-time or part-time depending on GRS's needs and the internís goals.

Student Interns may be paid directly by GRS, paid through their sponsoring academic institution/agency, or unpaid. Students may use a combination of resources to finance their internships. The compensation method and level will vary depending on the internship policy of the respective placement institution and GRS's budget classification for a particular position. Professional Interns are paid positions either directly by GRS or through a sponsoring organization.

Internships offer an opportunity for on-the-job experience, international exposure, and management training to enhance their leadership skills. Each of the selected interns is assigned to one of GRS's offices around the world. Professional Interns work for two to three years in the assigned country office to gain the knowledge and experience needed for possible management positions in the international relief and development organization.

As the needs and opportunities for interns vary and are on-going throughout the year, GRS does not have any specific enrollment or application deadlines. Placement is subject to availability of meaningful assignments and managers willing to invest the time in working with an intern.

If you are interested in an internship with GRS send a resume with cover letter detailing the reasons for applying and dates of availability to:

Human Resource Department
7959 N. Thornydale Road #90827
Tucson, AZ 85752 USA
Phone: 520-991-7991