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Visit to 2009 DPRK Arts Festival Emphasizes Family


Wolaver family of The Annie Moses Band and Hall family from Casting Crowns

The US delegation to the DPRK consisted of several families which included 9 children ages 5 through 17.† "I had a chance to talk with many local people in the DPRK who either attended the concerts or watched them on TV and expressed their appreciation for the Americans sincerity and kindness,'" said Robert Springs, GRS CEO & President.††Springs continues, "They were particularly moved by the family emphasis of our joint delegation. This year we were especially pleased to have four families, including my own wife and daughter, and the families of Mark & Melanie Hall (Casting Crowns), as well as Bill & Robin Wolaver (Annie Moses Band).† Both children and the fine arts are very important in the Korean culture. We were there to engage the local people on the artistic level, family to family, people to people."

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From Global Resource Service's Press Release about the 2009 Arts Festival:

Robert E Springs, Jr., CEO of GRS, commented, "If we know anything from history, it is this: music can inspire thoughts and open minds far beyond the constricted political boundaries that citizens in many countries must face," Springs continued. "People to people exchanges and working together to find real solutions are the keys to normalized relations. Any other motive only inhibits the advancement of increased openness. This GRS delegation was very successful and was a part of our on-going programs in the spirit of goodwill and cultural exchange."

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Sons of Jubal† - a group of 150 musicians from the Georgia Baptist Convention†sing in North Korea

The all-male chorus and orchestra, directed by Jon Duncan, participated in the†2012††DPRK Spring Arts Festival, now held every 2 years. GRS has been instrumental in organizing a U.S. presence at the festival for several years now. Previous groups include The Annie Moses Band and the Emmy Award winning group Casting† Crowns. GRS President Robert Springs says the Sons of Jubal were the largest group of Americans to visit North Korea in decades.

Soy Farm Project

Open dialogue between GRS personnel, the DPRK Ministry of Agriculture,†local farm managers and engineers make the HaePo Ri Soy Farm an ongoing success.

Soy Farm Project.

Goat Dairy Project

GRS staff, University professors, the DPRK Ministry of Agriculture, and Jangpoong Farm managers have been working together since 2002 to develop the Goat Farm and Dairy near Jangpoong.

Goat Dairy Project

GRS Education Program

Professional Development Workshops are the foundational projects of the GRS Education Program. These workshops promote training, offer lecture series, discuss international business trends, teach communication science, and develop cultural exchanges with professional educators.

Education Program

Global Health Programs

Three major components of Global Health Programs include (1) distribution of medicines, vaccines, and health supplements; (2) distribution of medical/hospital supplies and equipment; and (3) education and training of healthcare providers- Global Health Programs.

Opportunities to Serve - Internships

GRS internships provide students and professionals with a substantive and challenging work experience, and an opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of international development. GRS may offer US-based and internationally based internships. Student Internships may range from six weeks to nine months. Professional Internships are usually for two to three years. Internationally based internships are full-time. US based internships may be full-time or part-time depending on GRS's needs and the internís goals.†

Opportunities to Serve - Volunteer

Global Resource Services depends on volunteers for many aspects of our US based operations to augment our support staff. Our programs and staff are continually growing and our need for volunteers is expanding. Our Ambassador Program provides many opportunities for volunteers who want to be involved in the implementation of our international programs. A sample of our currently available opportunities is listed below.†


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AG 2100 - Cooperative Farm & Food Production: It is estimated that 3.5 million will perish as a result of the extended complex food shortages in North Korea. Several US and other humanitarian officials have predicted that unless the international community continues their relief effort, this could become the worst famine of not only the 20th century, but also the 21st century, with deaths totaling 5 million.†

GRS was founded as a response to the complex natural disasters in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (DPRK). It began as a way to advance the efforts of various private sector humanitarian organizations in an effort to facilitate a unified approach....†